“The Joia Tubes are exotic, wonderful and high quality. My students and clients love to get their hands on the mallets and play away!” —Kalani, Author, Speaker, Music Therapist

“The joia tubes really capture kids’ attention and have survived their enthusiastic play.” —The Magic House, St. Louis, MO

“My students clamor over a chance to play one of our six Joia Tube sets.” —Bradley L. Bonner, Author of Instant Intermediates and Back To The Boomwhackers. Owner of BLB Studios

“My kids LOVE the Joia Tubes. They add a completely new sound to our instrumentarium and are a lot of fun to play!” —Dr. Artie Almeida, Author of Mallet Madness

“The Outdoor Joia Tubes are a fabulous way to awaken the Child’s natural improvisation through Play!” —BethAnn Hepburn, Elementary Music Teacher & AOSA Endorsed Teacher Educator

“Hi Rick, this is Kristi Adams from Purple Sage Elem. You replaced the rough paddles for us with 2 sets of very nice paddles. Thank you, its nice to know there is at least one company in this world who stands by their product and wants to put out a good product. You Rock!!!!!! The students are loving the Joia Tubes and can't wait to perform for their parents. I have had many of my students wanting to know where they could purchase their own set, hope I have been able to send some business your way!” —Kristi Adams, Purple Sage Music Specialist