Autism & Music Therapy

Learning and Healing

Joia Tubes® are simple, affordable, durable instruments designed to complement music education and music therapy. The success of Joia Tubes® is the result of a grassroots effort from educators and therapists that helped us evolve into the instrument it is today. Music educators and music therapists have discovered the value these instruments bring to the learning and healing process. We love them and you will too!

Joia Tubes® are also used in the study of Autism, Alzheimer’s and Disruptive Personality Disorders in many universities and clinics in the United States as well as abroad. The research, and the results are encouraging. We expect many more programs to use Joia Tubes® in the coming years.


Group of kids playing Joia Tubes with other instruments

Music Therapy for Children with Autism

This video features music therapist's Maria Carron, Connie Fairchild and Tanya Ionoconne working with clients of the Judevine Center in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about Music Therapy please visit


Kalani Plays Joia Tubes

Kalani is an internationally recognized Percussionist, Music Educator, Music Therapist and Speaker. With more than 35 years of professional experience in a variety of fields, Kalani brings a unique and fresh perspective to his work.